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Jul 1 10

The Technical Math Blog – It’s Alive!

by Barry Schoenborn

This is the world of technical math, and it’s a fascinating place to be.  Tech math is practical math – the mathematics that gets things done.

  • Way back when, those in the construction trades built the world. And that includes the pyramids. You can be sure they used a little bit of math to get the job done.
  • Those in the technology trades like farming, furniture making, and blacksmithing civilized the word. They needed to know at least a little bit of practical math to lay out fields, weigh the harvest, or forge a spear.
  • Even in more modern times, folks in technology-based careers – like health care, culinary arts, and automotive technology –  make the world run.

Math isn’t just something theoretical that professors in universities work with. It’s a practical skill used in most careers.

And this is the place (or venue, as the high-tone folks call it) where we can learn about and talk about the joys and mysteries of good ole everyday math. Your comments, opinions, views, and problems are most welcome. That’s what this site is all about.